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I cannot say enough positive things about Ingrid. She is able to do what no migraine medication can do for me and that is to get rid of my migraine quickly and without any side effects. Nothing short of miraculous for me. Ingrid is knowledgeable, caring and experienced. I just moved to Greenville and I am so happy that I found Ingrid and George at Equilibrium Zen Gym. With the help and guidance from both of them I know I will finally be migraine free. If you are looking for people who can help you to heal yourself, or looking for the best massage of your life, then I highly recommend Ingrid and George.                                                                                                

 Denise Silverman - Health Concern: Migraine


I have been recovering from Congestive Heart Failure for three years. Recently I had a bad respiratory virus that weakened my heart and as a result was hospitalized. My liver was swollen with water. While in the hospital they used a hardcore diuretic protocol. When I left the hospital I could barely stand. The week I was released, my wife brought me up to see George & Ingrid. We did 2 sessions of Tapping & Intuitive Massage on 2 consecutive days.I returned the next week to see them & they couldnt believe how much I had improved. They said I was starting to look like the normal me again! I am a firm believer in the power of their work & will continue to come for treatments until Im completely healed. Im sure I will even continue after that!

Ashley Billingsley - Health Concern: Congestive Heart Failure


I would be remiss if I didn't express how wonderful I felt after having the Acutapping & Intuitive Massage special combination. In the past I would get massages every two weeks, but when I left I still felt the same or sometimes even worse. It was like they never quite reached the spot. Oh. My. Goodness! That was NOT the case after leaving you & Ingrid. I not only received physical relief, I was emotionally and mentally refreshed and poor Ingrid had to endure my snoring. I highly recommend everyone have a George and Ingrid experience. I promise you won't regret it!!!

DeVette L. Green, CEO - Honeybee Networks, LLC


On March 3rd, 2 yrs ago at the age of 53, Brian had a stroke. At that time he was working in counter sales with a plumbing supply company. Due to the nature of his stroke he is paralyzed on his right side. He went through physical and occupational therapies and learned how to walk with a cane although he was paralyzed. Since he started therapy with Ingrid, he is getting feeling back on his right side. We truly believe Brian would not have made as much progress as he has if it had not been for Ingrid. She was amazing with him. 

Brian and Connie Wilson - Health Concern: Stroke





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